Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our little artist hard at work adding grafiti' to the sidewalks :) She loves drawing and coloring anything she can get her hands on. One day she got a hold a marker and drew all over our couches and pillows, ok everything she could get her hands on. Luckily it was washable and it all came out-now I wish I would have gotten a picture!


Ok, so I started this back in Feb. ,but..... here I am finally really starting to blog. In the meantime I've had fun reading others blogs and getting caught up on what everyone else has been up to.
We're expecting at the end of November (Nov. 27th to be exact if you can be exact on a due date:) and we find out in four days what we're having. We can hardly wait!!! Eric's hoping for a boy to even the score and Nykelle changes her mind everyday. She'd be excited for a "broder or a sister" and the same goes for me.
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