Monday, November 2, 2009

Minnie Mouse and little Lion go trick or treating!!!

We had an awesome Halloween.We started the day by going to see Aberdeen play for state at the Holt Arena. We then rushed back to get the girls ready in their costumes.
It was so much fun getting both of the girls ready to go Trick or treating and they loved seeing all the fun costumes. I don't think Brooklynn knew what to think of all the crazy costumes:)

Grandma Dayna planned a wonderful and delicious Halloween dinner, so Nykelle and Brooklynn
got to enjoy their cousins before all the trick or treating.(Thanks Dirk and Dayna we loved it!)
We then headed to a Halloween carnival at the middle school where they had all sorts of yummy treats, games, and costumes contests. Nykelle won 2nd place for her costume and she was so proud, she especially loved being able to pick out her own treat. It was so much fun.

The fun didn't stop there, we ended the night by saying hi to Grandpa and Grandma Driscoll. Grandma had lots of yummy and healthy treats to end the night. Nykelle was begging us to take her back there on Sunday so she could play with " Lincoln's kids-you know Beau"!
We had a really busy Halloween and by the end of the night we were pooped, but it sure was fun!

Also ,we've had my Sister Bri living here for the last almost two months. She worked harvest to save up some extra money. We've loved having her around . She just got accepted to BYU-I and we just wanted to let her know how proud we are of her and how much we love her!!(that's her with her friend Angela, they went as Aberdeen cheerleaders,it must be Halloween :)

Anyone want something for free!!!

Just saw on my friend Krystal's blog that was giving away free nursing covers. Thought I'd check it out and I snagged my own free one. Here's the code go, check it out and score your own free nursing cover with "1free", all you have to pay is shipping! I got the set and only had to pay an additonal $5. Thanks Krystal and thanks Udder covers! Don't you just love free things!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Introducing....Brooklynn Noel Driscoll

Brooklynn Only 3 days old and so alert

Nykelle and Brooklynn ****Best Buds***

Getting ready to take our new baby home

The Proud Daddy

So It's taken me forever to get on here and actually post. Everytime I get on I end up catching up on what's going on with everyone else and not actually posting on ours. Now it's time to update!
We've had Brooklynn Noel on November 25, 2008 at 4:35 pm.She weighed 7 lbs. 11 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long. She has lots of dark hair like her older sister Nykelle. We see alot of resemblences to Nykelle such as their coloring, but I think Brooklynn has more of her daddy's eyes.
She's been a great baby so far. Just real easy going and relaxed and she's a super great eater! She loves to eat!!! Everyone told us after Nykelle was such an easy going baby that our next would be horrible so I guess we've lucked out so far.

We are so lucky to have such loving and supportive family. Dirk and Dayna were able to watch Nykelle while I was in labor and help with lots of different things (thanks Dirk and Dayna)and then My mom and Aubrielle were able to come up and spend a couple of days with us and spend some extra time with Nykelle to help her adjust(Thanks Mom, Aubrielle, and the rest of the fam who let Mom come which ment you had to cook your very first Thanksgiving on your own, we apprecite the sacrifice).

Also, Thanks to all the family and friends who stopped by we loved seeing you!
We loved having a brand new baby for the holidays-what an awesome early Christmas present!!!