Monday, November 2, 2009

Minnie Mouse and little Lion go trick or treating!!!

We had an awesome Halloween.We started the day by going to see Aberdeen play for state at the Holt Arena. We then rushed back to get the girls ready in their costumes.
It was so much fun getting both of the girls ready to go Trick or treating and they loved seeing all the fun costumes. I don't think Brooklynn knew what to think of all the crazy costumes:)

Grandma Dayna planned a wonderful and delicious Halloween dinner, so Nykelle and Brooklynn
got to enjoy their cousins before all the trick or treating.(Thanks Dirk and Dayna we loved it!)
We then headed to a Halloween carnival at the middle school where they had all sorts of yummy treats, games, and costumes contests. Nykelle won 2nd place for her costume and she was so proud, she especially loved being able to pick out her own treat. It was so much fun.

The fun didn't stop there, we ended the night by saying hi to Grandpa and Grandma Driscoll. Grandma had lots of yummy and healthy treats to end the night. Nykelle was begging us to take her back there on Sunday so she could play with " Lincoln's kids-you know Beau"!
We had a really busy Halloween and by the end of the night we were pooped, but it sure was fun!

Also ,we've had my Sister Bri living here for the last almost two months. She worked harvest to save up some extra money. We've loved having her around . She just got accepted to BYU-I and we just wanted to let her know how proud we are of her and how much we love her!!(that's her with her friend Angela, they went as Aberdeen cheerleaders,it must be Halloween :)


Idaho White Girl said...

1. Its about time you updated your blog.
2. Your girls are soooo stinking cute! and getting so big!
3. Brianna is going to college! what the?!?!?! She is still the crazy 5 yr old following us around!
4. How are you love? Sounds like things are good. Miss ya!

Lana Cox said...

Your girls looked so cute Vic. And I'm with Brittany, I can't believe Bri is going to college. She is so cute. Hope you're doing well. Love ya!

The Richards said...

Yeah for the update! Thanks for posting these pictures - I love them! Those girls are so adorable. It was fun seeing them the other day. I missed seeing you but I'm glad you got to be with your mom and do what girls do best. ;)

Turley Family said...

love that you are posting again! i was so excited when i checked your blog and saw a new post! i think we are going up there for christmas! dustin is so excited to take the girl up there. i don't know if i can handle the cold after being in az for three years! your girls are just beautiful!

Krystal said...

I'm so glad to see that you are back in the blogging world! We miss you guys like crazy and Bri still asks about Nykelle. We need to try to get together soon! I LOVE the Minnie costume. Your kids are adorable!

Kevin Kim Cade Ellie said...

Oh it is so good to see you are doing well. We have missed you guys and wondered how you are doing. Your girls are adorable!